Frequently Asked Questions

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Here you'll find some commonly asked questions about the Chambers Plan. If you have additional questions, please call one of our customer service representatives who will be happy to assist you.


What if I miss the deadline for adding a dependent?

Complete an Employee Change Request and an Employee's Statement of Dependent's Health and give both forms to your employer. Your coverage will take effect on the first of the month after the insurance company approves the application. If you have dental coverage, late applicants are limited to $250 in benefits during the first 12 months of your coverage under the Plan.

My spouse has coverage through his/her work – where should I send my dental claim form?

When couples both have health and dental coverage, they can send claims to both plans for maximum coverage. Send an adult claim to the patient's plan first, then to the spouse’s plan for any outstanding expenses. For children's claims, start with the plan of the parent born earlier in the calendar year.

I found an old dental bill; can I still claim it under the group plan?

Health and Dental claims must be made within 12 months of the service date. If you leave your company, you have 120 days from your last day of work to submit any claims for eligible expenses incurred up to the end of the month you were with the firm.

Do I need to report my disability benefits on my tax return?

If your employer paid any portion of your disability premium, any benefits received must be reported on your personal tax return. When a benefit plan includes disability coverage, it could be beneficial for the employee to pay the disability premium, even if the company pays 100% of the cost of other benefits. In these situations, employees don’t pay income tax on any benefits they receive.

Can I keep my Life Insurance when I leave my employer?

When employees leave their company, they usually have the right to keep the amount of life insurance provided by the group plan. If they elect to convert the coverage to an individual policy and pay the future premiums themselves they must complete the conversion within 30 days of leaving the firm.

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